Abortion Rights Advocates Get Biggest Win in a Generation

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On this last decision day of the term, the US Supreme Court did not fade gently into the summer with a 4­4 tie on a controversial issue ­­ instead the justices struck down a Texas abortion law. Justice Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote, handing abortion rights activists their biggest win in a generation. We  hear what it means for other states like Mississippi and Wisconsin, which are facing similar challenges.

Also, Britain’s exit from the EU is no less divisive four days after the vote ­­there’s an online petition for a 2nd referendum, jitters in global markets, and UK police have fielded reports of allegedly Brexit related racial abuse and hate crimes. 

Later on the program, it seems that gerrymandering ­­ the process of setting electoral districts to the benefit of a certain party ­­ is as old as the electoral process itself. Journalist David Daley says redistricting has reached a level of sophistication so precise that it precludes democracy ­­and hardly matters who the candidate is anymore.

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