Continuing American Opposition to War in Iraq

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The Bush administration hoped that Colin Powell-s address to the UN Security Council would help to build a domestic consensus for war in Iraq. Although early polls show that 60% of Americans have seen enough evidence to justify military action, critics are just as opposed as ever-maybe more so-and not just those on the Left. GOP business leaders have advertised against war in the Wall Street Journal, and a Republican Congressman has joined Democrats in urging repeal of President Bush-s war powers. We hear an unusual medley of dissident voices-from the liberal Left to Republican business leaders, including anti-war activists, editors, academics, Congressman Peter DeFazio, and a major donor to the Republican Party.
  • Making News: What Do We Do with Orange?
    Attorney General John Ashcroft announced today an increase in the national terrorism threat level from -elevated- to -high.- Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge spoke about government action and FBI Director Robert Mueller asked citizens to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. Security expert Brian Jenkins says officials face a daunting task in raising public awareness without revealing covert intelligence data.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hajj Pilgrimage at Its Height amid Concerns of War
    Today-s increased terrorism alert was timed in part to coincide with the Hajj, the once-in-a-lifetime journey that has brought millions of Muslims from all over the world to Saudi Arabia. Attorney General John Ashcroft said intelligence points to the end of the Hajj as a time of possibly increased danger. Photographer Reza, who is in Saudi Arabia for National Geographic magazine, has twice made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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