Corporate Welfare

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California's efforts to solve the energy crisis are being labeled "corporate welfare," a private bailout at public expense. Consumers are increasingly uneasy over the government's frequent handouts of tax breaks, subsidies and regulatory incentives. Even Washington conservatives agree that government has become too cozy with corporations. We'll discuss what motivates this uneasy partnership, its rewards, and potential abuses from a spokesperson for the Green Party, a Democratic California State Senator, and researchers from the Cato and Hoover Institutes.
  • Newsmaker: Rebate Alternative to Tax Cuts - If projected federal surpluses don't pan out, the government could be caught short. Steve Hofman, a Republican policy and management consultant, has devised a year-by-year tax-cut alternative that would benefit taxpayers while constricting government spending.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Surveillance at the Super Bowl - At Sunday's Super Bowl, thousands had their pictures taken without their knowing it. Their faces were instantly compared with those of known criminals and possible terrorists. Beth Givens,directs The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. She cautions that the first test of this new biometric technology poses serious threats to first amendment rights.

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