Debate over the Future of the Sierra Club

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The Sierra Club is America-s oldest environmental organization, and one of the most influential. It was founded in 1892 by the naturalist John Muir, who was an immigrant from Scotland. Now, immigration has become a central issue in an internal debate that could radically change the organization and its agenda. This month, 750,000 Club members are voting by mail to fill five seats on the 15-member Board of Directors. Dissidents want a tough stand against increased immigration, while current leaders insist that would offend other groups that give the Club political clout. We hear both sides and find out what animal rights and white supremacy have to do with it, as Warren Olney speaks with environmental writers and historians, immigration-reform advocates, and members of the Sierra Club.
  • Making News: Second Day of Testimony in 9-11 Hearings
    The panel investigating September 11 heard more witnesses today, including CIA Director George Tenet and President Clinton-s National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger. Michael Isikoff, who is covering the story for Newsweek magazine, the testimony of several witnesses seems to corroborate allegations recently made by former National Security Council official Richard Clarke.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Monty Python-s The Life of Brian to Be Re-Released
    The makers of a 15-year old religious satire say there-s need for an -antidote- to Mel Gibson-s The Passion, a major international hit, despite its graphic violence and alleged anti-Semitism. Monty Python-s The Life of Brian is about a fictional Jew of Nazareth. Born in the manger next door to Jesus, he joins the Judean People-s Front, an anti-Roman separatist group, and is mistaken for the Messiah. Eric Idle, a founding member of Monty Python, sizes up the battle between "Mel and Monty."

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