Democrats, Fox News and the Internet

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With caucuses scheduled for early next year, Nevada's Democratic Party scheduled a presidential debate on the Republican-leaning Fox Cable News Channel this coming August. National Democratic Chair Howard Dean said that was a way of reaching a large audience of disgruntled conservatives who might be looking for a new place to go.  Internet activists complained that Fox News is "a mouthpiece for the Republican Party," and now the debate has been cancelled. is one Internet voice telling the Democrats to freeze Fox out all over the country. Is that good strategy or "political suicide?"  Who decides what's "fair and balanced?"  What's the lesson about the impact of the Internet? We hear from journalists, watchdogs, political activists and political scientists.

  • NOTE: For those who were listening to today's program about the Nevada Democratic Party and Fox News, guest Doug Schoen was identified as a Democratic strategist, which he is.  Doug Schoen is also a paid commentator for Fox News, which we did not know until after our broadcast was over.

Adam Green - Co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Doug Schoen - Democratic strategist Fox News contributor, Amy Mitchell - Pew Research Center - @asmitch, William Mayer - Professor of Political Science, Northeastern University

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