Disputes and Lawsuits Abound as Early Voting Begins

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Tens of thousands of lawyers have been mobilized by both parties to monitor this year's presidential voting and to keep track of each other. The flood of new registrations in Democratic precincts has Republican lawyers out looking for fraud. Democratic lawyers, in turn, are watching their Republican colleagues for signs of intimidation. With early voting already underway in Florida, Pennsylvania and other key states, the lawsuits have already started. If the vote's as close as the latest polls are predicting, when will we know who's won the election? By the time we do, will voters still have respect for the process? Warren Olney talks to national reporters, experts in election law, pundits, and election officials.
  • Making News: Britain Considers Redeploying Troops in Iraq
    US commanders in Iraq have asked that 650 British troops be redeployed to back up US and Iraqi forces when they attack Fallujah. In London, opposition leaders have accused Prime Minister Blair of using British soldiers to help President Bush two weeks before the election. Toby Helm, who's covering the story for London's Daily Telegraph, says that while no final decision has been made, the mere request has caused a furor in Britain.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US Troops Refuse Iraq Orders over Safety Issues
    Last week, some 18 American soldiers refused to transport a shipment of fuel in Iraq, saying their trucks were unsafe and they lacked a sufficient armed escort. Today, the Washington Post reports that Army Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, the top US commander in Iraq, complained to the Pentagon almost a year ago that the poor supply situation threatened his troops' ability to fight. Thomas Ricks reported the story.

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