Does the Peace Movement have a Chance?

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Does a New Peace Movement have a Chance? In the past few months, most major American cities have seen anti-war protests. So far, the numbers have been relatively small, but leaders say they're significant, because the war on Iraq hasn't even begun. But some veterans of the peace movement of 30 years ago aren't so sure. They say the current effort is being led by ideologues, who will turn off the middle-Americans who hold the key to success. We'll talk to both sides. We'll also hear what's happening in churches and on university campuses.
  • Newsmaker: What's Next for Homeland Security?
    The Department of Homeland Security was originally proposed by Democrats, but President Bush seized on it and pushed it through last month. Now comes the hard part. What will it take for 170,000 employees from 22 agencies to recognize they now have the same mission? How long before they start to carry it out? We spoke with Paul Light, a Senior Advisor at the Brookings Institution in Washington.
  • Reporter-s Notebook, Segment 1: Colorado Looks beyond Ski Resorts for Cloud Seeding
    This summer, Colorado was ravaged by some of the most devastating wildfires in US history. After three years of below-average rainfall, watering Denver lawns and gardens may be prohibited next year. Jerd Smith, who reports for the Rocky Mountain News, reports that Denver Water and several other regional utilities are inaugurating a $700,000 cloud-seeding project that they hope will ensure an increased winter snow pack. (Originally broadcast November 20, 2002.)
  • Reporter-s Notebook, Segment 2: South America-s Newest Terrorism
    Immediately after September 11, intelligence agencies looked at the intersection boundaries of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay for suspected terrorists. Recently, attention turned that way again, with reports that the tri-border region is a planning center for acts of terror against US and Israel. Mike Boettcher, national correspondent and terrorism expert for CNN, looks at the sources, targets and the Wild West nature of the area. (Originally broadcast November 8, 2002.)

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Rally in Los Angeles (January, 2003)

Rally in San Francisco (October, 2002)

Rally in Washington, DC (October, 2002)

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