End Game?

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After the defeat of local Democrats in two Florida courts, Al Gore's presidential hopes hang on the state's Supreme Court. If Gore wins there, Governor Bush has promised an appeal. Linda Kleindienst, of South Florida's Sun-Sentinel, updates us on the Florida legislature's plans to name a special slate of electors pledged to Bush. Then we join legal experts to discuss where the candidates - and the campaign -- go from here.
  • Newsmaker: Statistics Say Recount Win a Long Shot for Gore - Gore's appeal to the Florida State Supreme is asking for hand counts of ballots in three counties. Conventional wisdom has it that Gore would overcome Bush's 537-point lead in the certified total, but statistician Peyton Young, professor of economics at John Hopkins University, says that Gore's chances are less than half.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Can Losing Be Liberating? - Lamar Alexander was a two-term governor of Al Gore's own state of Tennessee before making two runs at the presidency. After those losses, Gore called to console him. Alexander joins us to describe the joys of a private life.



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