Evangelicals and the Environmental Movement

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Air pollution, Mercury in the blood of newborn children, and global warming are contrary to God's wishes as expressed in the Bible. That's the view of some evangelical leaders, who've spread the word to 50,000 churches that the environment should be "a banner issue for the Christian right." It calls on government to "protect its citizens from the effects of environmental degradation." Does that spell trouble for President Bush and the Republican Party? Will grass-roots evangelicals find common ground with a movement that's been the province of secular liberals? Can environmentalists work with Christians opposed to abortion, gay marriage and big government? We learn more about the blossoming relationship from leaders of both sides.
  • Making News: Carly Fiorina Ousted from Hewlett-Packard
    After six stormy years as CEO, Carly Fiorina has been forced out by Hewlett-Packard's Board of Directors. She was the first woman to head one of the Dow 30 firms, and one of just eight women who run Fortune 500 companies. Carol Loomis, editor-at-large for Fortune magazine, wrote one of last month's cover stories, "Why Carly's Big Bet Is Failing."
  • Reporter's Notebook: American Business Learns to Work around Chinese New Year
    Lunar New Year, which begins today in China, is like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's all in the same week, kicked off by Fourth of July fireworks. It's also a time when hundreds of millions of people go home for the holiday. Charles Woo, CEO of Megatoys, a Los Angeles toy manufacturer and wholesaler, says that businesses in the US have learned to work around the holiday of one of its leading trading partners.

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