Have Crimes Been Committed Inside the Bush White House?

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Lewis "Scooter" Libby has resigned after his indictment for perjury, making false statements and obstruction of justice. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald says the chief of staff to Dick Cheney "endangered national security" by revealing the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame. The Vice President, who accepted the resignation with "deep regret," reminded that Libby is presumed innocent until a contrary finding is made by a jury." Karl Rove, top political aide to President Bush, is not indicted, but is reportedly still under investigation. President Bush, who made a speech on terrorism today before a planned weekend trip to Camp David, did not schedule a White House briefing. We hear more about today's indictments at the highest level of American government, what they reveal about the reasons behind the war in Iraq, and what they mean for a President who's already struggling in his second term.

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