Hidden Strings on Humanitarian Assistance?

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In Indonesia-s Aceh Province, rebels and government forces are accusing each other of exploiting the misery of disaster victims and undermining humanitarian assistance. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers warn of trouble if government soldiers are not withdrawn from rebel camps. Such reports may dash Secretary of State Colin Powell's hopes that recovery would help resolve long-running conflicts. As developed countries compete to provide assistance, should there be strings attached to prevent military abuses and government repression? Should companies from donor countries get the contracts for reconstruction? Can imposing conditions be counter-productive? We hear from human rights advocates, economists, policy analysts, and current and former advisors to the United Nations, World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund
  • Making News: Secretary Rumsfeld to Conduct Broad Review of Iraq Policy
    The commander of America-s ground forces says 4 of 18 Iraqi provinces, including Baghdad, are unsafe for this month-s elections. President Bush says that-s one of the reasons the Pentagon has dispatched retired four-star General Gary Luck for an -open ended- review of policy in Iraq. Thom Shanker, who writes about the Pentagon for the New York Times, the changes may include the request for a permanent troop increase.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Canada Considers Halting Prescription Drug Sales to US
    In 2004, US residents spent between $750 million and $1 billion on prescription drugs in Canada, many of them purchased by mail or online. While many state governments see it as a way to save money, the practice may be coming to an end. Canada is considering the elimination of all cross-border prescription drug sales, and the White House denies that President Bush had anything to do with it. John Chase reported the story for the Chicago Tribune.

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