Hollywood: Just Another Defense Contractor?

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While the Bush Pentagon has become notorious for tough restrictions on news coverage, its door appears to be wide open to entertainment TV. The latest example is last night's episode of JAG, which dramatized the prosecution of an Al Qaeda terrorist for the suicide bombings of September 11. Is this new "militainment" entertainment, news or propaganda? We speak with Donald Bellisario, producer of JAG, the Pentagon gatekeeper and a couple of media critics.
  • Newsmaker: Proposed Legislation to Ban Ethnic Mascots
    Native Americans are insulted when schools use Indians, Chiefs, Redskins and Savages as their mascots. While New York and Minnesota have asked schools to start phasing them out, California may become the first state in the nation to actually outlaw such names altogether. Miguel Bustillo, of the Los Angeles Times, updates the bill that would put an end to a popular yet divisive tradition.
  • Reporters Notebook: Pedophilia Scandal Putting Economic Strain on Catholic Church
    The Roman Catholic Church is America's largest non-governmental institution, doing a myriad good works in schools, colleges, hospitals and charities. Rich, but without liquid assets, it depends on a steady flow of contributions. The sex scandal and the church's response to it have threatened those contributions. William Symonds, Boston bureau chief for Business Week, has been writing about the economic strain on the church.

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