Immigrant Labor Reform?

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Recent immigrants are increasingly important to America's prosperity, and last week, the US Supreme Court recognized some constitutional rights for non-citizens, even when they're convicted of crimes. But the recent crackdown at the Mexican border has proved deadly, and there have been calls for restoring a guest-worker program-not just for farm labor, but for other workers as well.
  • Newsmaker: When is a Cease-Fire Not a Cease-Fire? - The answer seems to be, when it's in the Middle East. The Israeli town of Yehud was hit by two bomb blasts today. Nobody was seriously hurt. But three Palestinians were killed in an Israeli helicopter attack on the West Bank. One of the dead was Mohammed Besharat, who was on Israel's list of most-wanted Moslem militants.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Barry Bonds, Flaws and All, Setting Home Run Records Yesterday in San Francisco, a much-touted slugging contest failed to materialize. Home-run record-holder Mark McGuire of the St. Louis Cardinals went 0-for-4. San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds fell a foot short of getting one homer closer to breaking McGuire's mark.



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