International Trade, China and American Jobs

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As President Bush completes his tour of South East Asia, both parties in Congress are up in arms about trade with China. At a hearing yesterday, one Democrat said there's a "lopsided and cancerous relationship" between the two countries. A Republican warned that, in 10 or 20 years, the United States could be economically "subservient." We hear about "outsourcing," currency manipulation, and the balance of trade. But the big, emotional issue is jobs. Is the corporate pursuit of cheap, overseas labor destroying America-s Middle Class? Or, is a global, free market economy the only way to increase prosperity in the long run?
  • Reporter's Notebook: People's Voice Initiative an Alternative Peace Plan for the Middle East
    The Oslo Accords, President Clinton's negotiations and now President Bush's Road map have failed to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But, two, non-governmental groups are still at it, determined to show that there can be a way to establish two states, one Jewish and one Palestinian, that can live together side by side. We talk with two of the so-called freelance peacemakers who are putting forward the "People-s Voice Initiative" an alternative peace plan for the Middle East.



Warren Olney