Iraq-s New Shiite Coalition Begins to Take Shape

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The United Iraqi Alliance, which won 48% of the vote, has chosen a popular moderate, Ibrahim Jaafari, as its candidate to be Prime Minister. The other Shia slate, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution, says it will back Jaafari, too. He heads the Dawa Party, one of Iraq's leading religious political organizations. In the past, the Jaafari has promised to reach out to Sunnis and other minorities. But if the Bush Administration wanted a puppet regime, that does not appear to be what it's getting. We learn how these emerging leaders will deal with Iran and whether Islamic law be the core of their new constitution from journalists, experts in defense policy, political science and a founder of the Iraqi National Congress.
  • Making News: Recalls Ambassador to Syria over Beirut Bomb Attack
    The US announced today it's recalling Ambassador Margaret Scobey from Syria, in the aftermath of yesterday's assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Rami Khouri, executive editor of the Daily Star, a Beirut-based English-language newspaper distributed throughout the Arab world, updates the ongoing investigation and the region's response to Syria's role in Lebanon.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Will Phone Mergers Impact Prices?
    In 1984, a federal court declared that the Bell System, known as "Ma Bell," had monopolized telephone service, and broke it into "Baby Bells." Two weeks ago, the Babies began eating up the competition, as regional phone company SBC bought up long-distance leader AT&T.; Yesterday, Verizon said it would acquire the other big long-distance carrier, MCI. Matt Richtel of the New York Times says the mergers will eventually impact your phone bill.

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