Is It Curtains for Movie Theatres?

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Is it "curtains" for neighborhood movie houses? Theater operators have gone into debt to build glitzy mega-plexes with plush stadium seating, digital sound, and gourmet concession stands. Supporters claim that mega-plexes benefit a fragmented audience, affording a combination of mainstream and specialty films. But in an age of cultural globalization, critics foresee shrinking choices. Will mega-plexes afford more supply for viewers' demand, or will they bring the decline of film culture? We ask those who make and distribute the movies.
  • Newsmaker: Pentagon Appoints Controversial Figure to Lead Military Review - President Bush has opted for a complete review of military spending before increasing the defense budget. Surprisingly, the head of the study is a controversial critic of some pet Pentagon projects. Dr. Gordon Adams, who served in the Clinton Administration, says to expect some innovative long-term thinking.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Boeing and Airbus Roll Out New Plans - Boeing is developing a jumbo jet that will carry 800 people on two decks that extend into the wings. Designed for international travel from gateway cities, the carriers will be more fuel efficient and quieter than the today's biggest passenger jets. Robert Ditchey, founder of America West Airline, says the BWB will change the face and feel of air travel.



Warren Olney