Is It Time to Cease Fire in the War on Drugs?

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As a US Senator, Barack Obama said, "The war on drugs is an utter failure." Many narcotics agents, prosecutors and judges agree. New York may repeal tough anti-drug laws.  The federal government may stop raids in states that have legalized medical marijuana. That's now California's top crop, and there's a proposal to regulate and tax marijuana for state revenue during hard times. Three former South American presidents are among those who've asked the US for a "paradigm shift" in the so-called war. Would ending it take the profit out of crime, violence and increased addiction, or would it be like fighting a fire with napalm?  We hear a debate that's coming out of the shadows.



  • Jack A. Cole - Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Edmund Hartnett - Commissioner, Yonkers Police Department
  • Tom Ammiano - California State Assembly
  • Robert Charles - former Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotic and Law Enforcement Matters


Warren Olney