Kid-Free in A Kid's World

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Never has there been such open debate between people with and without children. There's resentment from those who feel we're child-obsessed and frustration from parents who think society should do more to help with the challenges of child-raising. The workplace is often a major battleground. Guest host Laurie Levenson asks whether we're "cheating the childless" of an author, parenting advocate, sociologist, businesswoman who's decided to be child-free, and state insurance commissioner who's made room for newborn in the workplace.
  • Newsmaker: Attorney General Nominee Ashcroft - President-Elect Bush has named John Ashcroft as his nominee for Attorney General. Jo Mannies, chief political correspondent for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, cautions that Ashcroft's views on abortion, civil rights and the confederacy may create some bumps in his road to confirmation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Soderbergh on Traffic - Drug trafficking affects everyone in the chain, from the user and dealers to the cops and US Drug Czar. Are there any solutions? Steven Soderbergh, director of Erin Brokovish and Out of Sight, talks with Warren Olney about the complexity of the war on drugs and his provocative new film Traffic.



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