London, Iraq and the Global Nature of Islamic Terrorism

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The death toll from last week's London bombings is now at least 52 and British authorities are releasing the names of identifiable casualties. Although not much evidence has been uncovered so far, investigators are still operating on the assumption that the bombings were the work of Islamic terrorists. Prime Minister Blair has called for addressing the underlying causes of Islamic terrorism, while President Bush vows to -take the fight to the enemy.- What's the role of the war in Iraq, in the context of historical grievances against all western nations? Will the London attacks strengthen public support for President Bush? We hear from reporters, pollsters, and experts in terrorism and international security about the appeal of violent radicalism to young British Muslims.
  • Making News: PM Blair Calls Bombs Work of Islamist Extremist Terrorists
    Most of London's trains are back in service today, although transit officials say the number of passengers is somewhat less than normal. As Prime Minister Tony Blair told Parliament last week's attacks were part of a much bigger picture, investigators have begun to identify those who died in last week's bombings, a toll that has risen to 52. Gordon Corera is Security Correspondent for the BBC.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Remembering the Massacre of Srebrenica
    Ten years ago in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serb soldiers committed Europe's worst massacre since World War II. In Srebrenica, supposedly protected by the United Nations, outmanned Dutch soldiers looked on while almost 8,000 Muslims were killed. Today, as caskets were still being buried and mourners continued to weep, world leaders joined 50,000 people at a memorial. Photo-journalist Sarah Terry, whose latest book is Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace, was among them.

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