Lotts of Trouble for Senate Majority Leader

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Midterm elections are over and Congress is out of session, but national politics keeps changing daily. Democratic Congressman and civil rights veteran John Lewis says Trent Lott should be given another chance after his racially charged birthday wish to Senator Strom Thurmond. Yet, despite his latest apology on Black Entertainment TV, Lott-s own Republican colleagues seem poised to oust him as their Senate leader. Can Republicans clean up their act on race matters? Are Democrats in any position to take advantage? We survey the political wreckage and look at the future with national political correspondent Ron Brownstein, civil rights attorney Connie Rice, damage control expert Eric Dezenhall and political advisors to both parties.
  • Newsmaker: President Bush to Deploy Missile Defense by 2004
    For the first time since the 1960-s, President Bush has decided to deploy a missile defense system in 2004. More modest than President Reagan-s Star Wars program, the 10 ground-based interceptor rockets could counter potential threats by the so-called -axis of evil.- Bill Gertz, who broke the story in today-s Washington Times, has more on the development and testing of the new system as well as response from around the world.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: PC Nation? Sims Online on Sale Today
    Electronic games have become a $12 billion industry in the US, even though only a fraction of them are played on the Internet. That may change with today-s introduction of The Sims Online. What will it mean for the lifestyles of young Americans and their parents? J.C. Herz, online game expert and author of Joystick Nation, talks about games in the US and in South Korea, where Internet gaming is a national spectator sport.

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