More Controversy after Three Suicides at Guant--namo Bay

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Controversy continues over three suicides by prisoners at Guant--namo Bay, the detention center President Bush wants to close. There are 465 inmates at the facility, many held for as long as four years without charges. Twenty-five prisoners have tried suicide 41 times. This weekend, three finally succeeded. Admiral Harry Harris, the camp commander, said they killed themselves not out of desperation but as "an act of asymmetric warfare against us," a comment picked up and circulated by the Arab press. One State Department official called the suicides "good PR," while others in the Administration conducted aggressive diplomatic outreach to the UN, European Union and the International Red Cross. We talk to reporters and lawyers who---ve been to Guant--namo and to a former prisoner, and hear about an expected Supreme Court decision which could define the rights of "combatants" held for years without charges.
  • Making News: Bush Surprises Maliki in Baghdad; Rove Off the Hook
    President Bush surprised just about everybody, including Iraq---s new Prime Minister, by flying to Baghdad last night for a five-hour visit. At a hastily called meeting this afternoon, the President said he acknowledges that Iraq---s success is in the hands of Nouri al-Maliki and his cabinet. Bush also said the US "keeps its word," and that it's in America's interest for Iraq to succeed. Lynn Sweet is Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Is Civil War Brewing Among The Palestinians?
    In the Palestinian Territories, violence has escalated and moved from Gaza to the West Bank. Yesterday, Fatah security forces shot up the offices of the ruling party. President Mahmoud Abbas was in Gaza trying to negotiate with Hamas when forces of his Fatah party attacked parliament buildings controlled by Hamas in the West Bank. Abbas strongly condemned the attacks. Steven Erlanger, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, joins us from Gaza.

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