Obama Budget: New Consensus or Continued Gridlock?

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Partisanship has left the budget process in shambles since 2010, but this year the Republican Congress and Democrats in the Senate have both passed spending plans. Having refused to start the proceedings in February, as required by law, President Obama has waited to weigh in.  Tomorrow, he's expected to take what Washington calls a "risk" by proposing social-program reductions that infuriate many Democrats. The White House calls that "conciliatory," and hopes that Republicans will agree. But they're likely to balk at the tax increases on which his cuts are conditioned. Social Security, Medicare and "the Sequester" are part of the package, with the deficit, tax reform and the debt limit looming on the horizon. We hear what to expect from the White House, with both parties already thinking about the mid-term elections next year.




Warren Olney