Obama's Speech and 2012 Conventions, Revisited

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President Obama accepted the nomination of his party last night in Charlotte with a dramatic change in tone from four years ago. Then, he was full of hope and promises. This time, he was running on his record. The president outlined the stark differences between the two parties and the accomplishments of his administration. Did it convince those important undecided voters in swing states to give him four more years? Will he get a bounce out of this convention or will today's jobless figures undermine that? Also, how the Democratic Convention compares to last week's GOP show in Tampa. Who framed the clearest message?  Was the expense worth it? Judy Muller guest hosts.

Banner image: Supporters wave flags as President Barack Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina September 6, 2012. Photo by Steve Nesius/Reuters



Judy Muller