Political Fallout from Nuclear Waste Dump

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For the first time in political history, Nevada has become a target state in this year-s presidential campaign when its five electoral votes could be crucial. The big issue is whether all of America-s nuclear waste should be buried under Yucca Mountain, just 90 miles from Las Vegas. One local columnist says, -Democrats have been disingenuous and foolish; Republicans have been craven and criminally negligent.- With waste piling up at 68 power plants around the country, how urgent is the need for a dump? Is it a question of politics or science? Warren Olney explores the issue with officials from Nevada, the trade industry and former member of a federal oversight board.
  • Making News: Prison Abuse Report Cites Leadership Deficiencies
    New reports are coming out this week on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. One criticizes the presence of teenagers among the abused, while another confirms the existence of ghost detainees. Both instances comprise violations of international law. Morton Sklar, executive director of the World Organization for Human Rights, says what is noticeably missing is the recognition of leadership failures in the involvement of higher officials.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Judging the Olympic Judges In the 2002, it was figure skating. This summer, it-s men-s gymnastics. For 10 minutes last night, all-around gold medalist Paul Hamm waited at the high-bar as the crowd booed, protesting the score of Alexei Nemov, who had just performed spectacularly. Then, two judges changed their scores, though it still wasn-t enough to give the Russian a medal. Diane Pucin, who's in Athens for Los Angeles Times, discusses the judging disputes that have clouded the achievements of some of the world-s best athletes.

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