President Bush to Present Middle East Peace Roadmap

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For months, US allies have been pressing the US to get more involved in making peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Until recently, President Bush had suggested that regime change in Iraq should happen first. Now, announcing that a -hopeful moment- has arrived, the President today promised his much-awaited new -roadmap- to peace--as soon as the Palestinians choose a new Prime Minister. Israel hailed the announcement, but skeptics say it-s really about Iraq and the effort to save the political skin of Britain-s Prime Minister Tony Blair. We get international reaction from journalists writing for the American, British and Arab press, a policy advisor to then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and an advisor to Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon.
  • Making News: Bush, Blair, Aznar to Meet on Iraq
    A majority of Security Council members now publicly say they won-t vote for the new resolution on war with Iraq. Today, the White House announced a summit meeting with President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish President Jos- Mar-a Aznar. Ellen Laipson, president of the nonpartisan Henry L Stimson Center, which focuses on peace and security, explains the motivation behind the last-minute talks.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Kristol on Regime Change, Iraq, Clout of The Weekly Standard
    Since September 11, President Bush has moved toward a foreign policy based on the pre-emptive use of American power to accomplish regime change and establish liberal democracies around the world. One of those who-s helped influence that shift is William Kristol, publisher of the Weekly Standard. Kristol, co-author of The War over Iraq, talks about Iraq and America-s aggressive new foreign policy mission in Baghdad and beyond.

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President Bush discusses roadmap for peace in the Middle East

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