Regime Change without War?

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America may be running out of patience, but United Nations officials are talking publicly about -safe haven- for Saddam Hussein in some other country. Do they really know something, or are they trying to placate US allies, like France, which threatens to veto UN support for military action? If Saddam Hussein won-t go into exile, what other alternatives to war will satisfy the United States? If they don-t work, will the US decide to go it alone? As the buildup continues and Europe backs further away, we look at the prospects for peaceful -regime change- as an alternative to war.
  • Newsmaker: Mexico Asks World Court to Block US Executions
    Mexico, today, appealed to the World Court in The Hague to stop the executions of 51 Mexican citizens in the United States. Abigail Levene reports from the Netherlands for the Reuters News Service.
  • Reporter's Notebook: India and Pakistan Face Off at 21,000 Feet
    In the Himalayas, fighting continues despite temperatures of 60 degrees below, 100 mile-per-hour winds and elevations that require acclimatization before troops can even get there. The line of demarcation between India and Pakistan crosses the Siachen Glacier at altitudes of 16,000 to 23,000 feet. For 20 years, both countries have stationed troops there, in an environment far more deadly than bullets. Kevin Fedarko, the only reporter who-s ever been there, wrote about his 2-month experience in this month-s Outside magazine.

Mexico v. USA (International Court of Justice)

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