Republican Candidates: the Ins, the Outs and the In-betweens

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The Iowa Straw Poll drew a tiny minority of that state's voters to a Republican fundraiser on Saturday, but the results were disproportionate to the turnout. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who wasn't there for the straw poll is in; Tim Pawlenty is out. Is Michele Bachmann leaving enough room for Sarah Palin? Is Mitt Romney still the front-runner? What about Ron Paul? Meanwhile, President Obama begins a town-hall tour of swing states. We hear how his possible opposition is shaping up.


Michael Scherer - Washington Post - @michaelscherer, Bradley Blakeman - Georgetown University, James Antle - Washington Examiner - @jimantle

Warren Olney

Katie Cooper, Karen Radziner, Darrell Satzman, Julia Flucht, Sonya Geis