Ronald Reagan, the Myth and the Man

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Leaders from America-s past and present, and from all over the world, gathered today at the National Cathedral to pay final respects to Ronald Reagan. In all of American history, few presidents have received the kind of state funeral that was held today for Reagan. In 1963, Jackie Kennedy modeled her husband-s funeral on the one held 100 years before for Abraham Lincoln. Thirty years ago, Lyndon Johnson received a state funeral. Reagan-s was the first one since then. Warren Olney joins journalists, public policy makers and presidential historians for a look at Ronald Reagan-s achievements, the making of a new mythology, and the failures and controversies that complicate the late President's legacy.
  • Making News: Ronald Reagan-s Funeral
    The body of Ronald Reagan is on its way back to California after a state funeral designed to cement his place in American history. Today-s ceremony at the National Cathedral had its roots in history and tradition, and was attended by leaders from all over the world and across the US. Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for Time magazine, observes that ceremony was at once solemn and joyous.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Ray Charles, 'The Genius,' Dies at 73
    Frank Sinatra called him a -genius.- Aretha Franklin said he had -the voice of a lifetime.- Ray Charles died yesterday in Beverly Hills due to complications from liver disease.- He was at 73. Charles, whose last public appearance was just 6 weeks ago, grew up poor in Georgia, and went blind from glaucoma at the age of 7. He learned classical piano and clarinet as an orphaned charity student in Florida. In the early 50's, he found his way to Los Angeles, where he came to the attention of Ahmet Ertegan, founder of Atlantic Records. Ertegun, who produced several hit records for Charles, offers a remembrance.

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