Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld on the Defensive

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Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld apologized at length today for the abuses at Al Ghraid prison in Baghdad, and he promised further investigations. But that didn-t protect him from tough questions from Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Early in the committee hearing, Secretary Rumsfeld was interrupted by 20 protestors calling for his firing. Who knew what and when did they know it? Who was really in charge at the prison? How far up the chain of command did responsibility go? How well did he answer the questions? What are the implications for the war on terror, the war in Iraq and the Presidential campaign? We hear Rumsfeld-s apology and some of the exchanges with committee members.
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    Selling votes to the highest bidder was just one of the ideas proposed in presentations--complete with flow charts and economic jargon-at conferences on world trade. The presenters were satirists trying to make fun of the World Trade Organization. They were astonished to find they were being taken seriously. Mike Bonanno is one of the people who call themselves The Yes Men.

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