Shaping Our Memories of War

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It's been a decade since the Gulf War, which the US won with relatively few casualties. It's a quarter of a century since Vietnam, the only war America has ever lost. More than half a century has passed since World War II, fought by men and women who are now referred to as "the greatest generation." We remember the conflicts that have shaped America's last century and consider the politics of memory and the romance of war, with veterans, historians, authors, a flight attendant who shuttled soldiers to and from Saigon, and a California Congressman who has sponsored a resolution honoring those who died for peace.
  • Newsmaker: Cell Phone while Driving Legislation - Recently introduced federal legislation to ban the use of hand held phones in vehicles may decrease the number of phone conversations by drivers en route. Jube Shiver, technology reporter for the Los Angeles Times, says the proposed crackdown, which has grown out of public concern over safety, is already under consideration in 40 states.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Carl Reiner Awarded Mark Twain Prize for Humor We feature a special archived interview with Carl Reiner on the occasion of his becoming the third recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for Humor. Honored for a lifetime of comedy, Reiner reminisces about Rob and Laura Petry, Mel Brooks, the 2000 year-old man, Mark Twain - and why we laugh. (Rebroadcast from 27 February 2001)

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