Should the FBI Take the Fall for 9-11?

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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Attorney General Janet Reno got their turns to give sworn testimony to the 9-11 Commission today, as the Commission staff accused the FBI of failing for years to recognize and deal with the threat of terrorism. The toughest critique of the FBI is contained in the report of the 9-11 Commission staff. It talks about internal strife, outmoded computers and a communication system so weak, that -analysts didn-t know what they didn-t know.- Why did the Bureau fail to -connect the dots?- Did it lack resources and legal authority? Does the US need a new, domestic intelligence agency like Britain-s MI5? We hear how the former officials reacted to the charges, and get some informed comment from former FBI agents and agency critics.
  • Reporter's Notebook:Big Money in Political Advertising
    Although the election-s not until November, and nominating conventions won-t even be held until late in July, today-s Los Angeles Times reports that President Bush, Senator Kerry and various support groups have already spent almost $50 million on television commercials. But, says Adam Clymer, political director of the Annenberg Survey at the University of Pennsylvania, candidates are not getting much bang for their buck.

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