Single-Sex Education

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Only ten schools nationwide dare limit their classes to just boys or just girls, largely because of hard-won requirements for gender equality. But in January, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a conservative Republican, authored an amendment providing for single-sex education in public schools. Despite the opposition of many feminists, the amendment passed and the Bush Administration began drawing up guidelines. Will the plan create an opportunity for better learning or deal a blow to gender equality? We consider this experiment in education with experts in the Department of Education, the New York Civil Liberties Union, and a Seattle principal who administers one of the few schools in the US to offer single-sex classes.
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    After months of debate, the United Nations Security Council has unanimously approved major changes in sanctions against Iraq. Evelyn Leopold, UN bureau chief for Reuters News Service, says the vote's goal is to speed delivery of civilian goods to a ravaged population while maintaining bans on military supplies.
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    Anti-immigrant candidate Pim Fortuyn shattered consensus politics in The Netherlands by daring to state the politically incorrect. His assassination last week caused a riot outside the Dutch Parliament, and tens of thousands lined the streets for his funeral procession. Mark Kranenburg, Hague bureau chief for NRC Handelsblad, considers the impact of the dead candidate on tomorrow's election.

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