Tax Cuts and Social Engineering

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Today we talk about President Bush's victorious tax cut bill-- the economics, the politics, and the social agenda. At the upper end of the income scale, reductions worth tens of thousands of dollars a year. At the lower end, a few hundred. That's the discrepancy liberals call "upward re-distribution." But President Bush says the people who pay the most should get the most back, so that's the way he structured his tax cut bill. Meantime, what about most Americans--the ones in the middle?
  • Newsmaker: Deaths in Immigrant Crossings - At least 140 deaths at the Mexican border this year have focused attention on Operation Gatekeeper, the American strategy for keeping the lid on illegal immigration. We talk with Carol Mell, Border Reporter for the Yuma, Arizona, Daily Sun.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Northern Ireland faces important election - Growing tensions in Northern Ireland will come to a head next week in the United Kingdom's parliamentary elections, which could strengthen-or scuttle-the peace process itself.



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