Terrorist Suspects and the November Election

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Yesterday, the House passed new rules for detaining, interrogating and prosecuting suspected terrorists. They are key to President Bush's national security agenda, which Republicans plan to showcase during the mid-term election campaigns. Today, Bush went to Capitol Hill, urging Senate approval of the bill. While even some Republicans say the measure might be thrown out by the courts, most Democrats are lying low to avoid being called "weak" on security. Are the Democrats sacrificing principles or are they really tougher than Republicans want to admit? Has preoccupation with the November elections made this a do-nothing Congress? What's the likely impact on voters?


Glenn Greenwald - Salon.com - @ggreenwald, Will Marshall - President and Founder of the Progressive Policy Institute, Thomas Mann - Brookings Institution / University of California, Berkeley - @BrookingsGov, John Zogby - President and CEO, Zogby International

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