The Changing Face of Immigration

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Immigration is the hot controversy that presidential candidates don't want to discuss. While one Midwest governor recruits workers from overseas, many ask why Americans can't pack meat and program computers. To discuss where immigrants are settling and whether they're crucial to the economy, we speak with the chairman of a bipartisan group creating a strategic plan for Iowa, the executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a demographer, the president of the Information Technology Association of America, and the author of a study about the myth of a software labor shortage.
  • Newsmaker: In the Middle East, Israelis are removing barricades, and tensions appear to be easing, according to some reports. Others warn that violence may flare again over Israel's capture of eight suspects in the brutal, televised murders of two Israeli soldiers last week. Anna Khan, Middle East correspondent for Focus, a leading weekly German magazine, brings us up to date.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Forget the debates. Dan Amundson, Research Director of the Entertainment Study at the Center for Media and Public Affairs, says that everyone's watching Letterman, Leno and Maher. He talks about the power of late-night TV, and that even though the jokes are largely not political but about personality foibles, candidates act as if the shows were crucial to the political process.

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