The Demise of the Newspaper?

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With web-superpowers Yahoo and Google leading us down the information highway, the newspaper is looking more and more like a dinosaur. First-quarter earnings are in for the New York Times, Tribune and McClatchy, and the numbers are sharply down for all three. As young people turn away from the "quaint old custom" of leafing through an oversized daily, papers are rushing to build or expand their online sites. Why end up with inky hands when a click of the mouse displays all the up-to-the-minute headlines. Blogging and citizen journalism further expand this realm of new media. Is the death of the newspaper inevitable or will the industry survive by reinventing itself and adapting to the new media world? Guest host Diana Nyad assesses the state of the newspaper business with scholars, editors, and print and online journalists, including Pulitzer Prize-winner David Halberstam.

  • Making News: Presidents Bush and Hu of China Meet at the White House

President Bush hosts the President of China today at the White House. Before a formal lunch for Hu Jintao, the two leaders answered questions from the press in the Oval Office, including one about Hu's vision for democracy in China. Justin Webb covered the event for the BBC.

  • Reporter's Notebook: Nepal Protests Continue as Democracy Crisis Intensifies

    The home of majestic Mt. Everest and one of the world's meditation capitals has been far from peaceful lately. Eleven people have died in Katmandu over the past two weeks as thousands have taken to the streets to protest the rule of Nepal's King Gyanendra. As a seven-party pro-democracy faction tries to regain governmental control, Maoists communists employ violent skirmishes to take over themselves as we hear from Somini Sengupta of the New York Times.

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  • Guest host Diana Nyad, 2002 inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, is a business sports columnist for Marketplace, senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and has hosted her own show on CNBC. She's also the author of three books.

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