The Energy Bill and America's Future

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Congress has passed the energy bill. If the Senate does too, President Bush says he-ll sign. It-s a massive piece of legislation, but what ordinary Americans are likely to see is an extension of daylight savings time. While Republican leaders call it a -great first major step- toward energy independence, even supporters concede the bill won-t cut gasoline prices or reduce dependence on foreign oil. It bypasses global climate change altogether. Is it a blueprint for a safer America or a missed opportunity? We speak with environmentalists and other advocates of energy efficiency, international policy experts and the oil industry about tax breaks and loan guarantees for producers of oil, gas, nuclear power and ethanol.
  • Making News: The Shuttles' Uncertain Future
    The Shuttle Discovery has docked with the International Space Station, but not before it performed a kind of back-flip maneuver so cameras could assess the possible damage from Tuesday's launch. Michael Cabbage, author of Comm Check...: the Final Flight of Shuttle Columbia, reports for the Orlando Sentinel.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Statement from IRA Announces End to Armed Campaign
    The Irish Republican Army says it will end its 35-year campaign of armed conflict and pursue independence from Britain by peaceful means. The pledge came in a DVD released to reporters in London, followed by an announcement in Dublin by Gerry Adams, who leads Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA. Prime Minister Tony Blair calls it "a step of unparalleled magnitude." Dan Keenan is Northern News Editor for the Irish Times.

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