Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

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Did Donald Trump's campaign just show its true colors? Last night, Trump's new campaign chief told Florida Republican Party officials that Trump has been playing a "part" during the presidential campaign, and would now take on a new "persona" that is more mainstream Republican. The conversation took place in a closed door meeting, but the Washington Post obtained an audio recording of it.

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So who's the real Donald Trump? The candidate who has belittled the Republican Party as corrupt and exclusionary, or the candidate that now promises to carry the GOP line? Should the GOP believe him? Has his presidential campaign been just another reality show?  E.J. Dionne is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and author of Why the Right Went Wrong: From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond.



  • E.J. Dionne - Senior fellow at Brookings Institution, Professor at Georgetown University, Columnist at Washington Post - @EJDionne