The Last Debate: Foreign Policy, with Just Two Weeks Remaining

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In last night's final debate, it wasn't the challenger who went on the offensive as much as the incumbent.  President Obama called Mitt Romney "wrong and reckless," and tried to associate him with policies of the past. Romney said US influence is "receding" around the world, but blamed the economy. On foreign affairs, he was all about peace, in both style and content, but he did not offer policies much different from those of Obama. Was he intimidated, inexperienced or reassuring voters he would not be a warmonger? Was Obama aggressive out of desperation? Did the world learn much last night about how the US might deal with crucial issues over the next four years?



Michael Scherer - Washington Post - @michaelscherer, David Ignatius - Washington Post / Harvard's Kennedy School of Government - @IgnatiusPost, Peter Feaver - Duke University - @ForeignPolicy, Stewart Patrick - Council on Foreign Relations; author of “The Sovereignty Wars: Reconciling America with the World” - @StewartMPatrick, Andrew Kohut - Pew Research Center - @pewresearch

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