The Northern Alliance Moves South

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Yesterday, the war against the Taliban appeared to be bogging down. Today, the Northern Alliance claims to hold half of Afghanistan, including the capital of Kabul. Now, the United Nations is racing to provide humanitarian aid and to help form a new coalition government in a country subject to astonishingly sudden change. Does the Northern Alliance victory signal a halt to US bombing? Where are the Taliban leadership and Osama bin Laden? We get reports from Kabul itself, the UN, and other points of observation within the Muslim world.
  • Newsmaker: Was Crash of American Flight 587 An Accident? - The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its investigation into yesterday's New York crash of American Airlines flight 587. Chris Yates, aviation security editor for Jane's Information Group in London, says evidence points to a mechanical failure although, in the aftermath of September 11, terrorist sabotage can't yet be ruled out.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush-Putin Summit Begins - The summit meeting between US President George Bush and Russia's Vladimir Putin has begun, and they've held their first joint public appearance. Stan Crock, senior staff writer for Business Week, details the highlights of the joint meeting, including progress on the anti-ballistic missile treaty.

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