The State of America's Social Safety Net

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Congress went home without extending unemployment benefits as the fifty states of America face what may be their worst financial crisis since World War II. The shortfall is not solely the result of the current, flagging economy, but a byproduct of the prosperous 90-s, when states cut taxes and increased spending. Now, with a Washington bailout unlikely, state leaders are looking at increased taxes and spending cuts. The impact of such policy will, of course, be greatest on those who have the least. We look at the plight of the needy, coast to coast and from the Deep South to our urban centers and rural Midwest, with members of the National Governors' Association, Seattle-s Washington Kids Count, Nebraska-s Center for Rural Affairs, New Orleans Gillis Long Poverty Law Center and a staff writer for New York-s City Limits magazine.
  • Newsmaker: US Acts to Prevent Saudis from Financing Terrorism
    A high-level government task force wants President Bush to issue an ultimatum to Saudi Arabia to crack down on people who finance terrorism within 90 days or face unilateral American action. That-s according to an article today-s Washington Post by Douglas Farah, who discusses the request by the National Security Council and the possible consequences of such a challenge to US efforts in the Gulf and to Saudis with assets in the US.
  • Reporters Notebook: Fatwa Issued against Nigerian Journalist
    Nigeria-s plan to host the Miss World pageant offended Muslims in that country-s northern states. Though the contestants are now safely in London, Nigeria remains in crisis as the state of Zamfara has confirmed a Muslim death sentence against a writer accused of insulting the prophet Mohammed. Michael Peel of the Financial Times, has more on the fatwa that-s been issued against fashion writer Isioma Daniel.

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