The World Cup Is Over — What's Next for Brazil?

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Brazil hosted a month-long festival of great soccer, and global TV ratings went through the roof. Now it has to cope with the aftermath. The 7-to-1 loss to Germany has shaken the self-confidence of the “great futbol nation,” and could threaten President Rousseff’s chances for re-election. Public resources will be required to host the Summer Olympics in just two years. Will that re-kindle last year’s massive protests against wasteful spending? We’ll look at the impact on Brazil—and on FIFA, soccer’s governing body, where reports of corruption and bribery are not going away.

Also, a proposed ceasefire in the Middle East collapses, and can we design a bullet that never misses?

Banner Image: Germany and Argentina face off in the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup; Credit: Danilo Borges



Warren Olney