Unexpected Tactics in War in Iraq

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The Fourth Army Division is finally arriving, as American bombers pummel some units of the Republican Guard. Despite other Guard units reportedly trying to lure coalition soldiers into urban warfare in towns and cities, Central Command insists that resistance is no surprise and says the threat of suicide bombings -won-t stop us.- Now, a new and different enemy has taken to the battlefield, child soldiers and soldiers dressed like civilians. We get an update from the northern front, hear about evolving US military strategy, and learn how Iraq-s newest defenders will change the rules of engagement. We-re joined by a general who helped lead the first Gulf War, foreign policy and arms control experts from the Brookings and Royal United Services Institutes, and the president of the Committee for the liberation of Iraq.
  • Making News: Mystery Illness Has Global Implications
    US officials are warning Americans not to travel to top destinations in Asia because of a mysterious virus. Some 50 people a day are falling ill from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which has officials from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control scrambling to identify and find a cure for the mysterious virus. Nancy Shute is covering the SARS story for US News and World Report.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Race Relations, the Supreme Court and Affirmative Action
    The last time the Supreme Court tackled race discrimination in higher education, it called it unconstitutional, but not all of the time. Tomorrow, the court will consider whether in two University of Michigan cases, -diversity- is important enough to justify taking race into consideration for academic admission. Patti Waldmeir, reporter on US law and society for the Financial Times, is following what could be a turning point for race relations.

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