Ten Years Later: The Death of Osama bin Laden

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At the White House today, President Obama bestowed Medals of Honor on two men who died in the Korean War. But he opened the ceremony with a comment about yesterday's killing of Osama bin Laden by US Special Forces. After 9/11, and as time went on, Americans became increasingly skeptical that the al Qaeda leader would ever be captured. But the world's most hunted man was discovered in a fortified compound a few miles from Pakistan's capital city, Islamabad. The Pentagon says DNA analysis made a 100% identification of bin Laden's remains, and reports that photographs provide compelling evidence. Meantime, his body was buried at sea according to Islamic tradition and practice. Did official Pakistan know that bin Laden was hiding in a highly fortified compound under its nose? How did the US manage to find and kill him with a small cost in what's called "collateral damage?" What's the reaction in the Muslim world? What's the reaction here in the US? We get answers from the White House, from Pakistan, Cairo and elsewhere. 




Warren Olney