US Strategy in Afghanistan: Is Karzai a True Believer?

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President Obama told US troops in Florida today that the war in Afghanistan is going well but, in Afghanistan itself, there are signs of trouble. As the struggle for Kandahar faces delay, former aides say President Karzai has lost confidence in the US and NATO, and wants to deal with the Taliban. Pakistan's support for the Afghan Taliban is reportedly even deeper than known before. The discovery of vast mineral resources could be good news or bad. We hear from reporters on the ground and in Washington, where Middle East Commanding General David Petraeus fainted during a Senate hearing.


Karen DeYoung - Washington Post - @karendeyoung1, Alissa Johannsen Rubin - New York Times - @alissanyt, Sarah Chayes - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - @CarnegieEndow, Matt Waldman - former Head of Policy for Afghanistan, Oxfam, Christine Fair - Georgetown University - @CChristineFair

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