Water and Human Conflict around the World

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Radar and satellite images have revealed an aquifer the size of Lake Erie beneath the blazing desert of Darfur in western Sudan. Is it still full of water, or did it dry up 5000 years ago? Hundreds of wells will be drilled to help scientists answer that question. If there is water under Sudan's Western province of Darfur, could it end the bloody violence between black Africans and Arab nomads that has left 200,000 dead and two million as refugees? With water in short supply from the Middle East to California, is water more important than oil as a source of human conflict?



  • Farouk El-Baz - Director of the Boston University Center for Remote Sensing
  • Suliman Baldo - Deputy Director for North Africa at the International Center for Transitional Justice
  • Aaron Wolf - Director of the Program on Water Conflict Management, Oregon State University
  • Christopher Gasson - Publisher of Global Water Intelligence


Warren Olney