West Virginia Water Crisis Throws Spotlight on Water Safety

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Charleston, the capital city of West Virginia, has been virtually shut down because of a chemical leak in the water supply. As the chemical is being flushed from the system, the scariest thing isn't what’s known about the danger to public health but what’s not known. Are regulators doing their best to find out? Also, Egyptians go to the polls to vote on a military-backed constitution, and a court ruling may lead to higher costs for Google, Facebook, Netflix or other services. Could the FCC help consumers without stirring up a political firestorm?

Banner image: Water is distributed to residents at the South Charleston Community Center in Charleston, January 10, 2014. President Obama has issued an emergency declaration for the state of West Virginia, ordering federal aid in the aftermath of a chemical spill that has left up to 300,000 people without tap water. Photo: Lisa Hechesky/Reuters



Warren Olney