What's Next for the US Army?

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Combat veterans are coming home to a nation exhausted by 13 years of war, and plans call for reducing the size of the Army. There may be agreement that the nature of warfare is changing—but there’s heated debate over how to maintain security and keep US troops prepared. Will arming and training the soldiers of other countries make the world safer or backfire as it has in Iraq? Will extended reliance on private contractors make military action immune to accountability in a democracy?

Plus, a Congressional subcommittee grills the CDC on Ebola, and the “law of the jungle” works both ways in Ecuador’s Amazonian rainforest.

Banner Image: Troops First brought out five wounded warriors to Regional Command-East as a part of Operation Proper Exit at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, July 9-11, 2014. The five-member team sustained injuries through Afghanistan or Iraq.; Credit: The U.S. Army