What's Next for the War on Terror

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The New York Times has ceased publication of its daily section that featured exhaustive coverage of the response to the attacks on New York and Washington and of the war on terrorism overseas. Although military action continues in Afghanistan, news about terrorism and the war against it no longer dominates newscasts or front pages. There's sharp disagreement about what's been learned since September 11 about the use of power and America's relations with the rest of the world. We consider what's been accomplished, what's happening to the war, and what's likely to happen next with journalists and foreign policy analysts Chalmers Johnson and Dan Gour-.
  • Newsmaker: State of the Economy
    Holiday shopping defied dire predictions, and although the economy is not yet out of the woods, it's nearing a crucial turning point. Justin Lahart is editor of TheStreet.com," a provider of online financial news. He examines the state of the economy, including hopes for manufacturing, labor and an imminent recovery.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Death of Julia Phillips
    You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again was the title of a book and a self-fulfilling prophecy for one of Hollywood's first successful female film producers. Julia Phillips died this week of cancer at age 57. Esquire magazine's Kim Masters profiles the troubled but talented the Hollywood trailblazer who paid the high price of insulting the wrong people in Hollywood.

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