White House Overhauls Iraq-s Rebuilding Mission

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Despite today's report that eight Iraqi policemen were killed in Baghdad by a suspected suicide bomber, President Bush told reservists and National Guard troops in New Hampshire today that the Iraq occupation is going much better than many Americans are being led to believe. As the Administration tries to bolster public support for the continuing occupation and President Bush has embarked on a public relations campaign. Some critics insist it is already time to bring the troops home. We speak with defense and foreign policy editors and analysts, a foreign affairs columnist and a senior fellow of foreign policy studies about the new Iraq Stabilization Group and what it might mean for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Human Interaction With Wild Animals
    In the past few days, Roy Horn, the Las Vegas entertainer, was almost killed by one of his tigers. In Alaska, two people were mauled to death by bears they were trying to live with. A 400-pound tiger and a 5-foot alligator turned up in a Manhattan apartment. What is it that leads human beings to take the risks they do with large, wild animals?



Warren Olney